Ireland rugby Grand Slam, Hangovers and History

19 March 2018
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19 March 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Ireland rugby Grand Slam, Hangovers and History
As the snowflakes clear and rugby dust settles on another Six Nation’s rollercoaster, Ireland have rightly come out in top.
The most consistent, fluid, focused and imaginative team by far.
They now sit pretty as the second best team in the world and are realistically hopeful of doing something equally special at The Rugby World Cup in Japan next year.
Their beautifully balanced mix of solid fundamental skills at the breakdown, lineouts and scrum (with men you’d be glad to see over your left and right shoulders on the front-line of a battle field) along with clinical attacking moves has produced an easy drinking rugby cocktail that has gone down very well on all fronts over the past few weeks.
The quiet cornerstones like Rory Best, Bundee Aki and Peter O’Mahoney filled their souls with strength.
The passionate power houses of Tadgh Furlong and CJ Stander lifted up their spirit.
The zipping flair of Ringrose, Stockdale, Murray and Sexton cut through the heavy spring mists to ultimate victory.
Their 1st Grand Slam since 2009 (only 3rd overall) and most tries scored in a Six Nations by an individual player…..
….Congratulations Ireland!
But what now for the rest?


For me, the Wales’ cracks were again papered over precariously thin and, despite finishing second in the championships, still lack creativity or a long term plan of how they want to play.
Scotland looked like they have it in them to mix with and beat the best but still lack consistency.
England……..God knows!
A good Aussie friend of mine says England’s current situation is ground hog day for Eddie Jones’ teams.
He comes in and does well for a couple of seasons but then loses direction and the dressing room.
The reason for this my friend says……
….well, his words can’t be printed verbatim but it’s basically that Eddie Jones is ‘not a nice man’ and that he’s limited on his tactical knowledge.
Players find this out eventually and this reflects in performance.
As an English fan I’m not panicking for three reasons;
1) We have enough time to sort things before the world cup.
2) I’ve spent enough time sailing and swimming in the Irish Sea that I feel comfortable calling myself at least part Irish
3) My current girlfriend is from Castle Rock…Don’t mention to her I said “current” !



Thank you once again to all the event staff across the venues for helping make this a special experience for our clients.



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