Event Insurance

Event insurance security

An extensive specialised event insurance offering

This includes (but not limited to);

Accident, injury or sickness
Death within 30 days of the event, including members of your immediate family
Travel delay beyond your reasonable control
Jury service
Strikes, riots, civil commotion, martial law
Restricted access to the venue due to flood, fire, explosion or public health and safety considerations
Adverse weather conditions which prevent you from reaching the venue
Damage to home or place of business which prevents you from attending
Inability to attend a re-scheduled event due to a prior engagement
Being called away for Military Service

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQ
What is covered for tickets purchased after 1st January 2021?
Confirmed infection resulting in the Ticket Holder(s) inability to attend the Event if the Event has not been Cancelled
Death of the Ticket Holder(s) or a Dependant from the virus
The Ticket Holder(s) have been ordered to self-isolate by a government department or a health service provider (evidence must be provided)
The inability of the Ticket Holder(s) to attend an Event due to a government-mandated travel ban in your home region/country being implemented after you purchased the ticket(s) preventing the Ticket Holder(s) attending the Venue.

A great value option starting at around 3% of total booking value.

For further information on insurance, visit The Association of British Insurers at https://www.abi.org.uk/

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