A Space Odyssey with Astronaut Tim Peake

Just because you’re home based more than usual doesn’t mean you can’t leave the planet.

Experience A Space Odyssey with Major Tim Peake, as the legendary British astronaut informs and enlightens during your own exclusive private online event.

Major Tim Peake has had a truly stellar career. A former military test pilot, he rose to the rank of Major, clocking up over 3000 flight hours on more than 30 types of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. 

He made international headlines when he became the first British astronaut to set foot on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2015. His military background helped him beat over 9000 applicants to be selected for this prestigious mission, having had his stamina and resolve put to the test in a punishing training programme to prepare him for the discipline of life above this planet, including camping out in remote Sardinian caves and spending 12 days underwater to prepare for the experience of weightlessness. 

Tim was part of a 3 person leadership team spearheading the Principia Mission to the ISS implementing a six-month scientific research project. Tim and his team undertook more than 250 experiments, including 30 tests on himself. He performed space walks to repair the ISS solar panels, helped dock visiting spacecraft, and even piloted a simulated exploration of Mars.
As well as his research and maintenance work onboard the ISS, part of Tim’s role was communicating to the public, speaking to over 1.5 million schoolkids across Europe. He even ran the London Marathon via treadmill and delivered a New Year’s message for the BBC.
During your own unique space odyssey with Major Tim Peak he will bring all his extraordinary experience and worldview to the party. As well as drawing on his own insights on leadership and teamwork he will give his thoughts on the future of spaceflight and discuss his experience of control, risk, decision-making and teamwork in extremely high-pressure environments, both on and off this planet.
During A Space Odyssey with Astronaut Tim Peake, your VIP guests will hear Tim explore the concept of “followership”, the idea that teamwork requires a dynamic relationship between ‘leaders’ and ‘followers’ in situations that require extreme hierarchy and discipline. He will discuss the importance this places on two-way communication, problem-solving, and everyone understanding the significance their role plays in their group endeavour.
Tim will also share with you and your guests his perspective on the future of science, medicine, and space research, and give you an exclusive understanding of the feeling of looking down on earth from 400km above its surface and glimpsing both its beauty and its fragility. He will explore the role of technology in our society and its ability to both empower and endanger us. From these big questions to an astronaut’s eye view of space docking dilemmas and what to do if you think a UFO is floating towards you, this VIP evening with Major Tim Peake is truly out of this world. 
Spend an interstellar evening with a legendary British astronaut. We’ve all imagined what life in space would be like, and in these more localised times this exclusive event will give you the inside scoop on everything from the feeling of travelling at 8km a second to what it’s like to eat, drink (and shower!) in zero gravity.

What’s included:

Exclusive 90-minute online event starring Tim Peake
60-minute presentation from Tim on his life and insights in space
30-minute Q&A session with your guests
Video recording of the whole event
An administrator running the event behind the scenes
Option to display your corporate branding behind Time Peake (production cost is separate)

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Optional add-ons:

Make your event even more special and memorable with a range of possible add-ons. Please contact us for prices. 
Autographed copy of Tim’s autobiography, ‘Limitless’
TV presenter to host session and structure Q&A
Corporate branding behind your chosen commentators

Provisional Itinerary

2pmShort intro from Tim Peake
2.05pm60-min presentation from Tim
3.05pmQ&A begins
3.30pmEvent concludes


Number of guestsPrice per guest
Over 30Please enquire

Prices are per person, and exclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise.


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