28 September 2016
Comments: Comments Off on Big Sam The Sham
28 September 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Big Sam The Sham
Sam Allardyce leaves England manager’s job


Being at the top, a VIP of your sector should mean excellence.

I say praise be he’s gone!

Big Sham was so excited about getting a job so ridiculously out of his depth that he thought he needed to milk it as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Still, it leaves him with the only national manager to have 100% win record (for all of 67 days!)

The FA are out of touch and change aversive.

In today’s world of instant customer feedback and easy social interaction, I believe the FA should get the vote of football fans.

All those with season memberships get a vote (why politics doesn’t have a feedback mechanism is also crazy however, that one is for another more political day).

We’d then get a manager that no-one can complain about as they voted for them and it takes the decision/responsibility away from the mad-hatters at The FA.

Sam was a limited-minded small team football manager.
England need a leader, an inspirer. A man who has the empathy and persuasive skills to get the best out of today’s over paid, under-performing, under-enthused footballers.



Eddie Howe

-Like him, he’s positive and fresh however, would England professionals respect him enough?

Steve Bruce-Another joke. He’s not inspiring whatsoever.

I have attempted to manage a football team and am entitled to an opinion so here it is;

Everyone has their own management styles however, the essentials of any good leader has to be

  • Enthusiasm
  • Ability to manage different personalities
  • Great at what they do
  • Make it fun for all involved striving to a shared vision of success
Bottom line is Football is a game and football is fun.

We need an energy filled football enthusiast who skips to training in his shorts and inspires.

NO more suits PLEASE Greg Clarke!

My vote; Jurgen Klopp.

Rant over.

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