What's the best way to ensure customer loyalty?

25 September 2018, Comments: Comments Off on What’s the best way to ensure customer loyalty?
Are you HITTING your customer loyalty sweet spot?
Whatever business you’re in (unless you’re the only provider in your sector, which is rare….’long weight’ producer and “guaranteed happiness pill” manufacturer spring to mind!) you need to keep your best customers.
So, what’s the most effective (and easy) way of ensuring your clients keep coming back for more?
Once again, a timeless lesson we sometimes forget!
If you get to know your customers on a personal level, build a social relationship, meet them outside of work, learn what makes them tick, you’ll form deeper bonds that will encourage loyalty (you might even end up liking some of them!).
Would a professionally run VIP experience at a major sporting, cultural or musical event help build these social bonds?
I believe so.
Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made mistakes, no doubt about it! Personally, under ordering rugby tickets springs to mind, however, we’ll always fess up and do the right thing because (more often than not) we’re onsite at events face to face with the client.

We’re always trying new social things to get to know our clients deeper (most recently a client event at The O2 Arena) and understand their real needs.

Could you be doing more?

For those who love some stats, here’s some recent professional research on customer loyalty and relationships bonds;
If you want to learn more about how we help company directors deepen social bonds with their key customers through VIP event experiences (or you want to attend an event in style), get in touch.

Anyway, I’ve been weighting a bit too long so, I’m off to pop a happy pill!

Kind regards and keep connected,

Oliver B Pimblett
Managing Director

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