15 December 2015
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15 December 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Up yours Adele

Personally I don’t like her screechy speaking voice (akin to a hard of hearing cockney market trader)
Or her clear contempt of healthy living or exercise
Or her armour-piercing cackle but…..
you have to give it to Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (which you can rearrange the initials to spell “BLAA”)…
she knows what she’s doing when it comes to sales.

  1. Ticket sales for her new tour sold out in hours
  2. Her new album sold 3.33 million copies in first week sales in America
  3. First day album sales were the best in 15 years
  4. Biggest selling album EVER in British music!

So what can we learn?

Quality over quantity

She has only released 3 albums in 7 years each receiving critical acclaim. Rather than just churning out her product she has taken her time and made sure it’s special.
She isn’t constantly in the press ‘bigging up’ herself or doing things to keep her brand in the public eye which, in this day and age of constant self-promotion, is different and refreshing

Unique & Authentic

She is always true to herself and doesn’t try to cater for a specific market or trend.
I’ve read that it’s all about bringing to the marketplace what the marketplace demands but sometimes if you persevere with the natural skills and gifts you’ve been given the marketplace will come to you.

Learning from the best

Adele once said;
“I was so inspired listening to music that had been made in the forties. The idea that people might look back to my music in 50 years’ time was a real spur to doing this.”

Clearly she was learning from the greats of the past and was thinking legacy and long term, this would be a good idea for all businesses.

May we all roll in the deep knowledge of her success,



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