'Trump' your competition with VIP events-Donald Trump style

22 August 2017
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22 August 2017, Comments: Comments Off on ‘Trump’ your competition with VIP events-Donald Trump style
You can’t deny that President Trump, with his unerring self-confidence, power-filled speech delivery and unshakeable self-belief (not to mention his gravity defying hair), is different and has had a varied and interesting journey so far;
  • From a “small loan of $1million” from his father to start his empire,
  • To reality TV star,
  • To acting (he receives $110,000/year pension from the Screen Actors Guild!),
  • To professional wrestling,
  • To President of The United States.
Love him or hate him you’ve got to admit he’s got something!

For the people living and working America it’s rightly an emotional subject however, surely there should be a certain admiration of Donald Trump’s undoubted personal promotional skills and constant confidence.

Some of the most profound lessons I’ve learnt have been after times of great challenge or from individuals you might not normally view as teachers.

I learnt how not to deal with staff and customers after working for a self-centred, money obsessed boss early in my hospitality career.
Then learnt how to say ‘no’ to certain customer requests and be more ruthless with my time to concentrate on more productive activities after observing the habits of a colleague in a completely different industry.

So, back to Mr Trump. The mere mention of his name in our office is a sure fire heated debate starter and it got me thinking………

…..What would he do in our business?

  • Maybe threaten to literally take out the competition with a military attack?
  • Accuse other companies in our sector of tapping our sales lines to steal client data?
  • Partner with a wealthy Russian ally to buy up the whole of the market?
Maybe these are a bit extreme but following on in this spirit, I’ve decided to take the more diplomatic route and take the best bits of Trump, his clarity and confident outlining of key points, and offer you some
Special offers for the very best in VIP event experiences.
The Best Experiences-

Twickenham Rugby viewing boxes including;

  • Barbarians Vs New Zealand-4th November-£699pp + vat
  • England Vs Australia/Argentina/Wales/Ireland from £549pp + vat
Chelsea v Man CityPremium hospitality & half-way line seats30/9/17
£899pp + vat

Tottenham v Man UtdPremium Club Wembley VIP seats 31/1/18 from£415pp + vat

The Capetown World Rugby Sevens7 day experience including flights, hotels, wine tour, cruise, rugby celebrities and VIP hospitality 6-12th December 2017 from £2995pp + vat

The Monaco Grand Prix Super-cars and super-yacht experience 
22-27/5/18 from £12,990pp + vat 

VIP seats for Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium-June 2018 from £499pp + vat

The Best Offers-

2 Complimentary places with bookings to either;

  • England v Slovakia/Slovenia football at Wembley (4/9/17 & 5/10/17)
  • Any Premier League football game (non “A” fixtures)
  • Barbarians Vs New Zealand rugby-4/11/17 at Twickenham
  • Lady Gaga at The O2 Arena-11th October
  • Crolla Vs Burns Championship Boxing-Manchester Arena 7/10/17
Minimum booking for 8 guests and must be booked before 5pm 29th August 2017.
‘Trump’ your competition and get your exclusive opportunities now by calling
0203 070 3110
or email me at oliver@thehospitalitybroker.com
Best regards,

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