The life and times of a professional sportsman

21 May 2014
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21 May 2014, Comments: Comments Off on The life and times of a professional sportsman

We have an exciting announcement.

After months of tough negotiations we have secured the services of a professional sportsman.

An up and coming professional premier football starlet, whos name and club cannot be confirmed for legal reasons, has agreed to provide an insight into the real life of a professional sportsman.

He has recently been confirmed in the first team squad for the forthcoming season and is looking forward to the challenges he’ll face at the cutting edge of European football.

Although we cannot name him we can confirm he is 19 years of age and hails from Liverpool.

After moving to his current club at the age of 12 he has been of the fringes of the first team for the last year getting his first team debut last November. For reference purposes we will call him Steve.

Steve has agreed to write a diary that we will be publishing on our website and social media platforms. Here is his first exciting extract.

We apologise for the bad spelling and grammar but the agreement was to publish what Steve had written and so cannot correct errors.

We have also changed names and places to protect identities. Any amendments we have made have been marked with an asterisk (*).



“ Back in me room now. Sweatin like anything. Can’t believe they make us train in this heat!

We’re in Blackpool* trainin for the new season at the moment and just had me first session. The first team trainins alot different from what I’m used to. We used to do runs and kick the ball and that but we had a consultant in today. He was some kind of confidence specialist who is also a doctor.

First of all we paired up and had to fall backwards while the other player caught you. I was paired with me good mate Dave* who I’ve roomed with a few times and I was like;

“”This is easy, I’m always catchin him when he falls over in fact I did it on Saturday night when we were in Waddles bar* in Skegness* last weekend!””

I like Dave, he’s a scouser too and only a year older. He’s dead clever and posh and got loads of GC and E’s from school. He’s always tellin me how important it is to study, he ses without his home-economics, PE and Religious qualies he wouldn’t be able to pray properly, make toast or know how to go up a rope! Wish I was that clever.

After catching Dave a few times the Dr told us something about visualisation and how it can help you see things that you really want and then really get them. We had to close our eyes and imagine us doing well.

Dave’s just told me that he was imagining going round three defenders at Stompford Arch* and curling one in the top corner against The Gonners*.

That was weird cus all I could think of when i closed my eyes was my Julie*. Julie’s* my lady. She’s fit.

I met her in town when I was celebrating being confirmed in the first team squad.

I got alot of attention that night cuz I’d been on the front page of The Merseybeat Echoe* that day about how I’d gone from not such a good upringing to doing good and now living in Loondon*.

She said she’d always wanted to go out with a footballer and I was a footballer, how lucky is that?

Anyway I’m going to go now because TJ has leant me the new Call of Duty and it’s boss.

That’s one of the perks of being with the big boys now, they have miles better games!”


 Please note this is fictional

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