22 December 2015
Comments: Comments Off on Stop whinging and get working
22 December 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Stop whinging and get working

You may or may not be looking forward to the well deserved break that is Christmas/New Year and I apologise if this comes across all Jack Dee, or probably Scrooge would be more appropriate, but why do most people go slightly crazy and suddenly get a bout of “decisionitis” (Decisionitis is; “The temporary or momentary loss of the normal capability to make a decision”).

“Call me in the New Year”– Why? What is going to change between now and the new year
“We are just winding down for Christmas” Why? Does the world stop, do the birds flop, does the moon have a nap?
“I haven’t got time at the moment because of Christmas”-Why? We have the same amount of time every day of every year so unless we’ve stepped into an alternate universe where December only has 23 hours in the day and poncho wearing baboons rule the land then what’s the big banana?

So I’ve decided to take a stand, from now on my response will be……….

Well, interesting you say that, I am just winding up for Christmas and have DECIDED to be the best I can be and perform at my peak level until I am forced by either a samurai wielding granny to eat pudding, or a gun wielding toddler to play a board game and up until that very time I am free and willing to choose to function as a productive member of society.

(Or I’ll just say Merry Christmas!)
Have a great holidays and if you see any Grannys or toddlers asking after me, you haven’t seen me,

P.S. If you fancy Adele, Six Nations rugby, The Cheltenham Festival or some footy have a look at

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