What you need to know before booking VIP events

7 February 2018
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7 February 2018, Comments: Comments Off on What you need to know before booking VIP events
If you’re considering, thinking or dreaming of a VIP event experience, we’re giving you 
an insider guide on how to get the best seats and value.
  • We have 14 years experience in VIP events and it can be a tough call first time as to who, how and when to book.
    There’s a plethora of secondary re-sale websites and hospitality companies out there and it can sometimes be data-overload. We’re human and not machines after all!
    Here’s just a few pointers to hone your skills…….



Make sure you check out the company.
You want to be sure you’re booking with a reputable and historically proven company so make sure they have a UK office with contact details.
Ask them for recent references and contact some past clients to get first hand feedback.


Ask for quotes in writing from a director and always read the terms and conditions.
If there’s something you want to amend or add to the booking, make sure this is agreed again in writing from a director before you go ahead.
Remember, you’re in control so always negotiate.



This is a tough one. …..
With some events, it’s better to hold your nerve and wait until the last minute.In this case, any stock still available within say a couple of weeks of an event and you’re in a good position to get a discount.


Good bets for last minute savings include;
  • Premier League games (non “A” classed fixtures)
  • Cheltenham Festival (Not Gold Cup or Ladies Day)
  • The O2 Arena (If multiple dates for a show)
  • Royal Ascot shoulder days (Tuesday/Wednesday)


However, bare in mind that, with bigger and more desirable events that are ticket driven, this can work the other way around.
If there’s still availability closer to the event, you’re likely to pay more.


Events to book early to guarantee your places at the best value include;
  • Non-regular events including; World Cups, Olympics, Ashes Cricket, British Lions Tours
  • High profile artists with limited number of show dates like Katy Perry at The O2
  • The Glastonbury Festival
  • Acts that don’t tour a lot like U2
  • Premium ticket-driven events like Ladies Day Royal Ascot, Cheltenham Gold Cup, England v Ireland rugby


It’s also advisable to book as early as possible to give you a better chance of getting the right people to attend the event (organise diaries etc).


Booking well in advance also gives you time to plan, really engage with your invitees, build excitement and maximise the impact of the experience before, during and after the event.
It’s also worth remembering that although these events are a key part of a company’s marketing strategy and allow quality time with the people that mean most to their businesses………
………they’re also FUN!
So embrace the journey and enjoy the process.
Happy dreaming,


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