Leadership lessons from England rugby's Eddie Jones

6 February 2017
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6 February 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Leadership lessons from England rugby’s Eddie Jones
“Arrogance is only bad when you lose. If you are winning and you are arrogant, it is self-belief”
England thought their way to victory and ground out a result against an impressive France side on Saturday in front of a jumping and expectant sell-out crowd.
They set a new England wining record of 15 games unbeaten and look like potential world beaters.
It’s more or less the same faces that were embarrassed just 14 months earlier in the Rugby World Cup but they are transformed.
We think it’s down one man……..Eddie Jones.
He has brought a few fundamental beliefs and values that are transferable to any team on the hunt for success.


Have clear and lofty goal;


  “I’ll be satisfied when England become the number one team in the world – that’s the whole aim of coming here.”
There is no doubt what his and the teams aims are; to be number 1 in the world and win the world cup and everything is building towards that.
Along that path it means players need to improve and look at and learn from the best, New Zealand.


Challenge your team ;
 “Just because we have won 13 games there is not one player who would be automatically be picked in a World XV – that is a world-class player.”
By appealing to their natural competitiveness and saying they have no world class players yet it will encourage his players to improve and prove themselves.


As Dale Carnegie famously concluded, a pleasant and positive personality is conducive to getting on with your fellow man which is essential for success.
To get where we want to go we will have to give and receive help from any number of people so it makes sense to get on well with people.
His relaxed and smiley persona make him easy to speak to and be with and creates an atmosphere of poised confidence.


Attention to detail ;
Eddie Jones leaves no stone un-turned.
He went to watch a rugby game in Loughborough last week because the referee for the England game, Angus Gardner, was officiating.
He did some digging as to how he was going to referee the game in terms of the set piece and breakdown.
Timeless lessons from the top.
Have a productive and successful week,
Kind regards,
Oliver Pimblett

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