18 April 2017
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18 April 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Jennie’s London Marathon Story
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Read why Jennie Jordan from The Youth Sport Trust is running the London Marathon and be inspired..


I’m running the London Marathon on 23 April 2017 for personal reasons, but one that most people can relate to. Helping our future generation be the best that they can be.
Age 7, we moved and I started a new school.  The first day I had a times table and colour test.  I failed both.  I was the new girl and it took a long time to be accepted by my classmates..  They made fun of me, called me names, I walked home from school alone more times than with friends. This resulted in me lacking in confidence throughout my schooling, I never spoke out in class and fear would result in tears.
However, I absolutely loved PE.  It was a subject I naturally excelled at.  I became a different person when playing; strong, confident, a natural leader and a sense of determination.
I learnt techniques to hide my emotions through winning and losing, how to play as a team; communicate with clarity, resilience and goal setting.   Sport taught me important life skills, techniques that I’ve harnessed when presenting at work or faced with a challenging situation.
My life turned upside down at 21.  I’d just graduated from University with a dream to be a PE teacher and inspire others..  5 months later my Dad passed away from bowel cancer.  Undetected for 2 years, Doctors told him it was IBS, he spoke out, and it was too late.  He saw a different consultant, who told us it was terminal; there was nothing we could do.  He was 54.
I promised Dad I would get him a London Marathon medal.  This year marks 20 years since he died.  Sport and his death, gave me my voice; I realised I had to take control. He is my reason to run, my role model and most importantly he’s my Dad.
I am running for the Youth Sport Trust,  a children’s charity that helps young people build life skills through PE, school sport and physical activity; the charity that I also work for.  The work that the Youth Sport Trust does, and the way it helps young people to cope with modern day issues, makes it a cause that is very close to my heart.  I know my Dad would be as proud as my Mum is now of what I’ve achieved.
A donation from your company to my Fundraising Page would be much appreciated; you would be helping many other young people to change their lives through sport.
Alternatively, I am hosting a raffle at the end of May.  Perhaps you would prefer to donate a prize – a fantastic opportunity to promote your company and raise funds for a good cause.
Follow my journey online below and I will be live streaming on Facebook during the race, so you can join me crossing the finish line, collecting my medal for my Dad.
Thank you for your support.
Jennie Jordan

Donation page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JennieJordan
Mobile: 07825 065204
Email: jennie.jordan@youthsporttrust.org
Youth Sport Trust Website: https://www.youthsporttrust.org/our-impact


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