It's simple (not easy), STUPID!

16 March 2017
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16 March 2017, Comments: Comments Off on It’s simple (not easy), STUPID!
Engage your key people better and grow your business through events


Communication with key customers is essential to business but sometimes other pressures and priorities result in the simplest of tools being overlooked.
The Hospitality Broker has helped companies secure major contracts (Recently £250,000 for an engineering company in Northampton),
Expand their reach and
Maximise investment by:
  • Providing professional and fun experiences for you to engage with the people that mean most to your business.
  • Connecting you with your customers at exclusive events including International rugby matches, Wimbledon Tennis Championships and Henley Royal Regatta plus numerous cultural and music experiences.
“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw
So how are you connecting and deepening relationships with your customers?
OK, this might seem simple (all the great fundamentals are) however, dedicate an hour (OK maybe half an hour or even just 10 minutes) each and every month to get some quality quiet time to really think about your customers……….


  • Do you know their needs and what you can offer them?
  • How did you first meet and what type of company are they?
  • What interests do they have, professionally and personally?
  • Are there any current trade issues that will have affected them?
  • How could you build a better relationship with them?


Our team at The Hospitality Broker has learnt over the years that communication with key stakeholders is essential in maintaining and enhancing relationships.
That is why we provide you with relaxed professional environments to engage and better understand your customers.
We ensure you get the best choice, tickets and value for money AND most importantly, your customer gets the ideal experience to do business with you.
I always remember the great phrase (thank you Chris Briscoe) ; “Measure twice, cut once.”
If you want someone who knows their ‘event-wood’ and has a sharp ‘impact-saw’  and is proven in the art of professional growth, team building and getting your sale’s teams sizzling, please contact me on 07761 693955.
Kind regards,
Oliver Pimblett

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