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16 November 2016
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16 November 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Increase business through charity

Could you be raising money for a good cause whilst securing new contracts?

I was with a client last night who works for a charity and is involved in securing funding from the private sector.We were chatting about the impact of sport and how it has a truly global reach touching the lives of all types of people (this was in between semi-moaning about how uninspiring Gareth Southgate was and why footballers roll around like WWE wrestlers after being tackled).

Her company are always on the look out for private companies to align and partner with who have shared values and goals which got me thinking…….

………is there something you believe in that you could raise some money for whilst also enhancing the profile of your company?

Maybe you already give to charity or have always wanted to. Whatever your position is there is a real opportunity to help good people whilst achieving commercial returns, a definite win-win!

Could you partner with a charity for a golf day, run, cycle, swim or bake off?

The commercial benefits are;

  • Coverage in the local and national press raising awareness of your company. (What would that cost in normal advertising?)
  • The charity will often advertise the event giving your company additional exposure.
  • Adds a trust factor and shows your company cares increasing the value of your brand.
  • Gives you great content to shout about on your company literature.
  • Brings staff together increasing personal bonds and boosting productivity.
  • Makes you feel great!

I did a bit of market research when I got home and found some recent press coverage for charity golf days where the company and often company directors are quoted;

These might only be local rags however, as the book Acres of Diamonds suggests, sometimes that gold nugget of a client is often just down the street.

Food for thought,



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