How a TV Aerial can increase revenue

31 July 2015
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31 July 2015, Comments: Comments Off on How a TV Aerial can increase revenue

The brilliantly named Zig Ziglar always said that the best sales lessons can be learnt from children;

Child-“Please mummy I want one.”
Child “Why?”,
Mother “Because I said so!”
Child, “Why?”,
Mother “Because (valid/logical reason),
Child (not really hearing a word mother says)-“But Mummy I really, really, really want it, Daddy would let me have it, you have had 2 this week and all the other kids have them!

Persistent, natural, selective, conviction filled, emotional, highly skilled techniques!

I too learnt a great sales lesson this week after buying the wrong sex of TV aerial (male instead of female end!).

I was summer cleaning and changed the feng shui of my front room including the location of the plasma TV. This meant I needed a longer aerial cable.

Call me a dizzy blonde (please don’t because I’m not) I bought a 10 metre aerial extension from Maplin but it had the wrong end.

Off I go back to this great provider of everything electrical with receipt to swop for correct ended item.
The smiling Maplinite informs me alot of new flats have changed the sex of their aerial sockets (from male to female-girl power!) the reason why is unclear but he thought it may be to simply annoy people or sell more stuff!
Either way he advised the easiest solution is to buy a simple adapter to change the sex of my cable (if only life was as simple hey Mr Maloney!) and it was only £2,99.
So I purchased the adapter.

On my journey home I “Aha’d” (moment of clarity)……I’d just been beautifully sold!

In I went to swop something and out I popped with an extra purchase, well done Mr Maplin!

I’m sure I’m not the only person unclear about which sex of aerial they need and even If this only happens once a month this is;
£2,99 x 210 (number of Maplin stores’ish)
x 12 months
= £7,534.80 extra revenue!

McDonalds Supersize it, WH Smith sweets it, The Olive Tree in Didsbury do it with olives, what could you be doing?

Is there a way you can be adding value to your offering?
Offering something extra, a premium option or an easy add on.

Even the little things add up and the customer is never more ready to buy something than when they are already buying something (if that makes sense).


P.S. We have some great deals on Ashes Cricket and England Rugby and I have a spare 5 metre male-ended TV aerial cable if anyone needs!?

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